AMINA ALI INITIATIVE Adolescent and Safe motherhood Programme Amina Ali Initiative is intended to encourage open discussion about sexuality and reproductive health in the context of Muslim religious life. It provides a forum to clarify Islamic values around reproductive health, while providing accurate technical information on these topics. The initiative will includes Qur’anic texts and […]


UADILIFU INITIATIVE Influencing national and global policies and actions in support of SRH among young people, including Muslim youth Even in countries where a national legal framework exists, cultural norms, customs and religious laws often undermine or even violate young peoples’ right to health. Through Uadilifu Initiative, KMDO will undertake advocacy engagements with global policy […]


FAHAMU INITIATIVE A capacity building Programme Capacity building, has been widely recognized by developing countries and donors alike as an essential strategy for achieving development objectives. Capacity building can occur at many levels, from the individual and community level up to the system level. KMYDO’s approach to capacity building is to tap into the existing […]


TAFAKARI INITIATIVE Faith for Health and Peace There is growing recognition that religious leaders and communities of faith play an important role in shaping health seeking behavior, especially in conservative, traditional societies where science, religion, politics, culture, and morality intersect. Their opinions strongly dictate the behavioral norms of their communities, in particular maternal, neonatal, child […]