Adolescent and Safe motherhood Programme

Amina Ali Initiative is intended to encourage open discussion about sexuality and reproductive health in the context of Muslim religious life. It provides a forum to clarify Islamic values around reproductive health, while providing accurate technical information on these topics. The initiative will includes Qur’anic texts and hadith as a way to frame discussions in language more familiar to Muslims and to help adolescent, youth and adults reflect on the challenging issues related to sexuality. The adults includes parents and other relatives, youth leaders, teachers, madrasah teachers, and ulama. Informed and trained adults have the potential, through a faith context, to help youth increase their knowledge and skills in reproductive health, seek services, promote positive attitudes, and improve self- esteem.

Programmes under this Initiative includes:

                                      Comprehensive Sexuality Education Programme for Muslim Adolescent in Schools,

Amina Network’s Ajira Programme and,

Safe Motherhood Programme.